in 2020 through 2021, IAN has worked through its volunteers at the community level to ensure safety and well-educated community against the spread of the pandemic virus COVID 19. the organization have completed two instructional trainings at the community level sharing information on protection from the corona virus COVID 19. Training materials have been developed, shared and spread over the volunteers to create a 1st level awareness trainer that are the hand to deliver online trainings to community, through personal life, and through social media awareness videos and posters. Furthermore, IAN has provided 1000 corona prevention /protection kits to COVID-follow-up-committee in 5 municipalities in Tyre district and to the Lebanese Red cross- Tyre for their involvement and volunteering work in support to infected community members. IAN also provided health consultancy to people infected with Covid 19 through a certified Health advisor over the hotline to support infected people build their immune system.


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