Where we works

Fighting illetracy

Our vision of a well educated community requires support at the educational level. Educational awareness is a major gap of our community we also fight illetracy through our intenvetions in the education sector.

Raising Social Awareness

Fighting Myths, highlighting facts, social behavioural awareness and social networking and protection is our Mandate to raise our community to the next level of scoial awareness.

Empowering Socio-economic

working children and families under poverty line are IAN's mandate to intevene with them improving their livings.

Empowering women

Neglected women, working women, gender based violence, and violating womens rights are IAN's Mandate to raise a healthy community

Enviromental Awareness

Lack of enviromental awareness and highlighting the results of non-enviroment-friendly activities is one of the major dilemas that our community is facing. IAN's mandate is to raise awareness among the community and highlight enviroment friendly activities.

Empower social voluteering

One of the major suceess factors among the scoail work is to include volunteers at the stages of the projects, where they support sharing the knowledge, learning new approaches and spread it in the community.