Our Projects

University Scholarships

IAN for development within its mandate and in cooperation AUT Tyre declares 50% scholarships for 20 new students To apply Please share required documents by email to:

info@ian-lb.com Required documents

1- official certificate acquired

2- copy of your ID

3- copy of family register

4- passport photo x4

5- grades from last 3 years

6- National social security statement

Deadline to apply September 25, 2020 For more information on how to apply please contact 81646014, WhatsApp is available. For more information on available majors, please visit: www.aut.edu or call 76 975 822 , WhatsApp is available. When you apply, you will receive an email including a coupon code that you will have to share with AUT at the next stage. .

Education : Free courses

we have launched the organization with project based on volunteerizim, the project includes free courses at the level of Municipalities, Universities, Schools, Local CBOs, NGOs and whoever interested.

the following are the Free Trainings provided

1.Microsoft word training – Beginner

2. Microsoft power point training – Beginner

3. Microsoft excel training – Beginner

4. Microsoft word Training – Advanced

5. Microsoft Power point training – Advanced

6. Microsoft Excel training – Advanced

7. The art of photography

8. CV writing skills

9. Solid waste re-use in beneficial shapes to our daily uses

10. Start-up business with lower risk

Project is still ongoing, Institutions interested to target any of the community groups may contact us through:

Email: a.alakhdar@ian-lb.com

phone: 71112298

covid 19

IAN has worked through its volunteers at the community level to ensure safety and well educated community against COVID 19. the organization have completed Several trainings at the municipal levels and the local community instructions and sharing of information. Flyers have been developed, shared and spread over the volunteers to create a 1st level awreness trainers that are the hand to deliver trainings to community.

COmmunity Support Project

IAN staff, under the Name of "Solidar Suisse" has inplemented a Community Support Project (CSP), its to mitigate the impact of refugee presence on host communities by reducing the strain on critical public services. The implementation of small scale projects aims to strengthen the capacity local organizations to address priority needs identified in the project area. Since 2014, a total of 34 Community Support Projects have been implemented. The current projects focus on raising awareness for solid waste management

Emergency Cash Program (ECA)

IAN staff has implemented Emergency cash Assistance (ECA) under the name of "Solidar Suisse" the project aims to provide a framework and financial means to assist persons or households at risk of falling into precarity and depth trap due to a specific critical situation or unexpected events. The financial contribution shall protect the concerned beneficiaries from irreversible damage, minimize the disruption caused by these adverse events and prevent consequential negative impact.


Under the Name of "Solidar Suisse", IAN staff has implemented a shelter project refurbished more than 400 shelter units in unfinished buildings in exchange for secured tenure and rent free periods of minimum 12 months for Syrian refugee households. Both, landlords and refugee families benefitted from the applied approach .

Un-conditional cash assistance (UCA)

IAN staff has completed an unconditional Cash assistance under the name of "Solidar Suisse", the project aims to provide monthly cash instalments to most vulnerable Syrian refugees in Nabatieh district to support them in meeting their basic needs. Unconditional Cash Assistance covers the most pressing needs of Syrian refugees in a flexible and effective manner, which entails freedom of choice and maintains their dignity. The provision of cash to refugees will also increase expenditure in small to medium sized retail outlets in the target municipalities and thereby support indirectly the local shopkeepers and small businesses.

information Unit

To enhance accountability and to ensure that communities served are better, IAN staff has managed under the name of "solicar Suisse" an infomation and complaint mechanisim through information unit that allowed organization to have better access to information and refugee assistance provided in the area, Solidar Suisse runs a small information Unit. The service includes a hotline and reception desk, the provision of information leaflets as well as a feedback and complaints mechanism.