About Us

A Few Words About Us

We Voluntary Help since 200

IAN "Innovation Assistance Network" is a local, national humanitarian nongovernmental association which was born from the womb of the community to work on the empowerment of Innovations in the south area, and support the social development of local community, empowering literacy and education, raising awareness of the community and supporting people in need

The organization has been registered at the national NGO system by the registration number 687 in January 2019. The board members who signed the regulations to produce the born of IAN association come from different aspects of the community (Education, Health and social workers). The idea of founding the organization was the clear communal awareness gaps of the available services, the gaps of services available, and minimal social development in Lebanon, and the main focus was the huge lack of innovation support compared to the capacities available at Universities and locals

Help & Support

We Help facing social dilemas, fight illetracy and brighten up future of youth. if you are facing any challenge that requires our support, please contact us


Support innovators to come out of the box and make their innovations alive.


Volunteering is an undescribed feeling you will have when you see the results of your acts alive, VOlunteer with us to share knowledge and support our community


We Support our youth with knowledge base to help them figure their future, look for chances and know more about business chances of their careers.

Mission: is to create a better life, hand in hand with the local community!

IAN lead mission is to support the innovative ideas and make advantage of the present skills to empower the community with new innovators, new innovations, and new promising horizons for skilled innovators through funding the innovative products/ideas.

The mission of IAN is also to increase the knowledge of community members through focusing on several aspects of the community daily life requirements despite of the gender, religion, race or any kind of discrimination.


Our Vision is to create a better life, hand in hand with the local community, and supporting who are in need to achieve a well-educated society that can contribute to the future of the new generation.